• Julius P. Williams III


Since Bacon’s Rebellion and the Codification of Race in the laws of the territory of Virginia whereby both white indentured servants and African enslaved people rose-up and gained access to firearms and rebelled, the determination of Black people as a permanent underclass in a racial hierarchy has been the main tool of American Capitalism. The best tool of Capitalism is RACISM or WHITE SUPREMACY.

BTW CAPITALISM IS NOT GOOD. Getting paid well for higher-skilled jobs, and for jobs with lots of training like doctors, scientists, lawyers, programmers, etc. That’s good. Getting paid well for jobs that produce lots of demand for your product i.e. Entertainers athletes, that’s good. A system whose whole point is to acquire more wealth at the expense of your society, the environment that relies on the exploitation of mass amounts of human beings is BAD. There is a false dichotomy between Capitalism and Communism. It doesn’t take much imagination to put together systems with a sense of community and moral responsibility, as well as a level of individuality, and personal and economic freedom.

I think we look at racism, institutional and personal as a problem that involves us being open to each other, respectful to each other and being together. I think these are all good things, however, they may only be good for small amounts of the population. I think most people want to speak in their native language and be with their people and communities. Yes, we all should be allowed to go where we want to. To patronize bars and restaurants we want, however, I know better than to go into a Turkish cafe or Shisha place, where I only see Turkish men being Turkish. Now if Turkish women have a problem with this within the Turkish community, that is their issue. I wouldn’t want to set up shop and try to hang out too much in some German neighborhood's Kneipe because I know that’s where Germans go to be German. Some are sick of all the foreigners and sometimes need someplace to be themselves. Maybe they are racist? All the more reason they should have their own place to be racist, and why I shouldn’t be there.

The problem is when racism ethnicism or whatever causes one group to control major public and private assets disproportionate to their group's size or in a malicious way to subdue and or subvert another group.

Our Biggest problem as pertains to racism is convincing people of different races that they have similar objectives and therefore should work together. The other problem is we think we need to all love each, get along and be together to do this. I’m not advocating separate but equal, but I’m also not saying we all need to be together when a lot of people really don’t want to be. There needs to be a sense of mutual respect, acceptance, and amiability. The funny thing is that we’ve been talking "People of Color" and false alliances. The problem is that the lure of Whiteness and Privilege is always stronger than those alliances. With black people holding down the bottom, there is a progression moving up the racial ladder dependent on skin color and hair texture. Blackness on a white Body, or especially a female “Exotic” body with access to blackness can add another level of status and access to “Whiteness”. The trickle-in of who and what can access “Whiteness” is a constant betrayal of this BIPOC coalition. And let's be honest the idea of BIPOC is also “White Supremacist” It frames everything against Whiteness and puts together a bunch of people who may or may not have anything in common together. The only thing it means is that as of NOW my body is not accepted fully into whiteness… or at this moment in time I am allying with the identity that is not fully accepted into Whiteness, but I could if needed…. Not that I’m not saying we all shouldn’t work together. I just see the continuous leaky hole in this boat.

The problem is more important to be framed as the Moneyed Overlords of all of our societies and the others. I know this sounds like Marxism… and it kind of is, but it doesn’t necessarily need to result in Communism. The problem is that White Supremacism is a way of assigning privilege to Whiteness and adjacency to Whiteness. After black people, White supremacy’s biggest victims are poor white people. They are being controlled by their religion, which is not Christianity, it is WHITE SUPREMACY bathed in Christianity. Ok, maybe let’s be honest, this may bother a lot of people, but Christianity and White supremacy are kind of two sides of the same coin. Even if you are black, Latino, African, South American, Asian…whatever. It is not coming from your own people. The case with blacks in the USA is a little different in that a culture was created through it. Still, this culture is a culture watered and cultivated by White Supremacy.

This religion feeds people who are just a little more than the lowest in society, and in some cases, they may be, with the sustenance of knowing they are White, and seemingly aligned to this superior culture of the rich upper classes. It splits their allegiance with people that economically share a lot of the same interests.

The issues of our world, our societies are ECONOMIC, fueled, supported, and codified by White Supremacy. MLK was killed when he started to address the inequality of CAPITALISM, not when he just wanted black folks to be able to vote and eat at a white restaurant. Funny enough the desegregation destroyed Black business. But that is another point. The thing is that if each group has within one's community an economic base, and access to personal and community success and fulfillment, then in society as a whole how other groups feel about them won’t be as important. I think this would also help racial problems because people would meet as more-or-less equals. If they mix they mix, if they don’t, they don’t. White Supremacy is a powerful drug and it is feeding poor whites into acting against their interests. The Cult of Trump, Boris, and Brexit is irresistible to them as they give their money and time and sometimes their lives and livelihoods in a tragic self-destructive slow-rolling Titanic approaching an obvious iceberg, to the rich. In turn, they are taking us all down. This alliance of BIPOC is not going to work without taking race out of it and forming an economic identity. In the idea of BIPOC, there are too many “Whites in Waiting” or as I heard “Spicy Whites” to be effective on racial terms. If darker people want to socialize together that is good, but the problems we have are of resources and money. The resources are being consolidated by a small number of people, White or otherwise. The ideology they are using is White supremacy and their enforcers are poor whites and the double-edged sword of poor whites and the allure of maybe becoming white. This insidiously destroys racial and economic unity from within and outside.

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